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Working on a new startup.

Currently I am working on a new startup that I have been giving thought to for quite a bit of time which is the creation of leather bags that are cool and unique at a price that is affordable.

There are so many people in this market but I think that there are things that I can bring to the market to separate myself from the group.

I have been working on building up an Instagram group to design out and build up the entire concept, been working on the Instagram group for all of 2 days and up to about 150 members so far.

At 5 or 10 thousand members it’s time to launch my own product. In the meantime, I am exploring and learning about the availabilities of leather goods in the following countries, Vietnam, Morocco, China, and others.
The idea is to build a business that has revenues of at least a half a million dollars in the next year. It is entirely doable based off what I have been studying the market. Now is just the time to find the exact angle that I will use to become a well-known brand in the leather bag industry.