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The Art of Just Talking to People and Listening

Along the way of my life journey, a curious thing has happened. I just stopped caring if I got with a girl or not, upon meeting two Japanese girls who had a housing situation in Miami. I helped them to fix their problem with the place that they were going to rent but then they started chatting with me and it was funny and flirtatious. One of the reason I think that I get along with girls easily is that I stopped giving a damn whether I got in their pants or not.

I am mean of course I am a normal guy and I would try to see what happens but in terms of going out of my way and making myself crazy to get at what these girls have.

So back to the main point of the story, while i was chatting with the girl there was some slight sexual innuendo. Despite the obvious language barrier. But I was not sure exactly if she knew what I was saying. Wow was I wrong. Some things are the same in no matter what language.

I had fallen asleep on the comfortable lounge chair at a little hotel that I was staying at and where I had met the two girls. When I woke up she was there and I spoke to her for a minute. The conversations follows as below.

1% – Yawning and waking up
Girl-1 Hi, you sleepy.

1% – Yes but now I am awake and strong again.. You like strong
Girl – Yes I like strong. with a certain smile on her face

1% – Can you handle strong, maybe you are too weak can break

Girl-1 Yes I can handle strong. I like strong, but not too suddenly..

1% – I think you are afraid of strong..

More mindless babbling comes along with innuendo until the friend arrives at which point the girls dissolve into animated discussions in Japanese which is one of the languages I do not speak.

Girl 2 – Is Big ? ( Broken English )

Girl 1 – Snickering and chatting more in Japanese.

I can’t deny the chatting that was charged with that kind of talk had me woken up a bit and my smaller brain was about 30 percent ready to go. As she was looking at my pants and the bulge in them. She said let me see..

I was a bit surprised at that request but what the hell… I simply flexed a bit and they could clearly see it move under my shorts.

At this point there was animated pointing and chatting and giggling at my pants, they were certainly not quiet and it was apparent to all what their subject of conversation was as they were pointing at my pants one after another and talking all sorts of who knows what. My Japanese is limited to just a few phrases so I’ll never know exactly what they were saying.

I thought to myself, my life should be a movie. This is ridiculous I am standing around talking some girls I met yesterday and they are already comfortable enough with me that we are having ridiculous conversations.

I mean it is a odd thing to sit down and chat with someone and soon enough having the girl tell you that she is shaved, that it was done with a laser, and that its pretty she promises. This is not something that happens once in a while but literally everyday that I go outside and just talk to young ladies from a variety of countries. I think the key is that I actually listen.

As far as what happens with the Japanese girls, nothing. Just a hug when they got ready to go back and go to sleep. They are in the friend category and a reason to visit Tokyo, at some point. I get the feeling that they would be very interesting girls to explore the city and party with in Tokyo.

For some reason I have a skill and that is making people feel comfortable around me. Within hours and sometimes minutes of meeting them, I can have them telling me the most ridiculous things. Its a rather weird skill but strangely it works best with women from a variety of other countries.

I guess its just interesting to me to get to know people and to have them open up to me. I have one friend who is even better at it than me as I am often shocked by the way that people get comfortable with him so quickly and are ready to tell him their deepest darkest secrets.

Inside of each of us I think that there are very different abilities and different personas. Its hard for me to image that only a few short years ago I went to office and then home and then back to office over and over again without hanging out with people and without going out to bars and for fun and such. Overall being out and active talking to people and learning from them is definitely something that is a good thing for me.