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Taking a different direction – Even it hurts those around you.

Sometimes you just have to leave the ones you love and care about behind to make some change in your life. As I sit back and see the way that some of the people who are around me are. I realize that I do not want to have the same type of life that they have. Sadly when trying to move them to a different way of thinking it does not work, I find myself getting drawn into their issues and their problems and less focused on the things that I need to do for myself to make the life that I envision. At some point a decision has to be made and I think that the decision si that I need to step away from the life that is not meant for me and work towards the life that is meant for me. There are a variety of things that I see in dynamics of both friends and family that are not the idea lifestyle.

Often times we think that we can fix others and in the end we end up getting drowned in the thoughts and issues and complexities of others lives. Its selfish yes, but if we are not selfish for ourselves sometimes then we are being unfair to ourselves. Each person has a series of choices that they want to make in their life and things that they want to accomplish. If don’t do them for me then who is going to do those things for me instead. The only choice at this point I see is that I mentally separate myself from anyone and anything that is not working to further my goals.

Hopefully some of those who I have to leave to their own devices will come to change their ways and change to see some of the things that I have come to realize are correct directions in life. But often times that is not to be the case.

For many years I have been a people pleaser, trying to please those around me even when it hurts the things that I am trying to do. This leads to frustration and feeling that things are not going the way that I want them to the only person that I would have to blame for this is myself because I allow their ideas, wants and requirements to separate me from what I know to be the direction that I have set for my life.

I’m still under 40 so there are about 40 more years to achieve all of the goals and ideas that I have for the life. After all there are many many successful entrepreneurs, actors, and leaders who did not really figure out and make their mark on the world until after their 40th birthday.