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Stop the Internet Distractions

If there was a way to count the number of hours that I have lost to reading yahoo news, and msnbc and mindlessly looking at the bullshit that is happening on Facebook, I would probably have spend 10,000 hours of my life learning about and reading about things that are truly of no use to my life. This is time that would be better off spend learning something new or creating something that I can use to improve my life.

I have tried all of the programs that help to block my usage of Facebook but reality is that I can’t actually get those to work, I am just too stubborn with the desire to procrastinate. Which is why I had to search out a solution to stop me from bypassing the options that those programs give to turn them off and more. As a technically minded person I would always find a way around them or just simple open the window that i was suddenly curious about in a different browsers window. Such as using Opera instead of Chrome.

Realizing this and knowing that I have to find a solution that I can’t get around without more work than its worth I turned to the internet and found this little gem of a program for the Mac computers. Its called SelfControl. ( Download here ) Something which I need to work on the amount of that I have. The cool thing about this program is that it forces you to not visit the sites for period of time that you determine and it remains active even if you turn off and restart the computer. This is the kind of tool that I as a diligent procrastinator needs to have. Best of all its free. Personally I think that they should charge for it cause there are so many others like me who are serious about browsing useless websites. I plan to use this little beautiful program to reduce the number of stupid distractions that crowd into my mind during the day and night all brought to me by the magic of the endless pile of crap that the internet can magically deliver.

If you like me need some help focusing on what is important. Check out this great app and see if it can be the change that you need to make a difference in your computer using habits.