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Smoking Kills – How I 99% stopped smoking

For close to twenty years I was a smoker. I started off when I was about fifteen years old and kept the habit thru college, travel and multiple relationships. I would have to say that smoking is one of the few things about me that did not change during the years. Of course I changed brands and sometimes smoked more and sometimes smoked less but never the less I remained a committed smoker. Finally I have basically broken that habit through the use of a electronic cigarette. Once I realized that I was unlikely to ever really quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey. I had tried many many times but failed after a few days or a few weeks or a few months each time. I decided to give smoking electronic cigarettes a try. The cheap ones don’t really work very well, but when I tried the ones that were of a better quality I finally found something that worked. So far its been more than a year of barely having any cigarettes, when and if I do have a smoke I don’t treat it as any kind of moral failing its just simply that I decided to have one. But with this system I have smoked less than two packs of cigarettes in the past year. And the majority of those were during one particularly interesting one week period.

What i find is that I have to keep my self from being constantly around people who are always smoking. Being out at a bar or at a social setting where someone is smoking does not make me necessarily want to smoke but occasionally the little smoking pangs will come up. Usually suppressed by realizing just how bad the smoke really smells.
Now that I am basically a nonsmoker for the most part 99% of the time, I wonder how anyone can accept the stink that cigarettes put off. Its a funny thing and quite hypocritical when you cannot accept the smell of other peoples smoke but when you smoke you think that it does not smell bad at all.

Truth be told there are more than one reason that I quite smoking. And the main one was not exactly for my health, even though lowering the highly likely coming of lung cancer if I kept smoking at that rate was a positive.
The real reason that I made a concerted effort to stop smoking was to meet more and better quality of women. It did not take me long as a single man to figure out that the most attractive girls and the best quality of girls tended not to be smokers and often times considered smoking to be a complete deal breaker. After one girl told me that if I was not a smoker we would have had a chance it made me really think about what i was giving up and what I was getting to smoke those stinking cancer sticks. I was giving away my money at least $5 every day and gaining nothing in return except for shirts that smelled and the need to buy more gum that should be necessary for any normal human being.

So at long last I said goodbye to a habit that I carried for the best part of twenty years. Goodbye to walking outside in the dead of winter to have a smoke before sleeping. Goodbye to running out of cigarettes at 3am in the morning while working on a project and feeling compelled to go for a walk down the street to the store to get yet another pack of the cancer sticks.

Mr Big Tobacco, goodbye and good riddance..