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On moving to China

Its a interesting time when you realize that the world does not owe you anything and that despite things seeming to always fall into place for you in the end there are still hard roads to follow. I think that overall in life I have been very lucky starting out with my graduation from college. I felt like I had the world at my fingertips, anything seemed possible. And of all the things that I could possibly do I decided to pick myself up and go to the place that at that time very few people were interested in visiting. The middle kingdom better known as China. It was quite the adventure for a recent college graduate. I thought that upon arriving there I would just spend most of my days reading books and studying and working as a english teacher. Boy was I ever wrong the second night that I was there I ended up in a night club in Beijing near to Beijing University. We were just walking around and when we heard the hip hop music that brought us in the door. Thus began a month of going out pretty much every night to this little hole in the wall nightclub where it was all you could drink Chinese beer and Vodka for about fifty RMB which at the time was about $7 or so. Great times and while I did not learn that much about Chinese culture other than how to count playing drinking games. Later on I went on to move to the south of China to the city of Shenzhen. Wow what a city, a little industrial city where everyone was a immigrant from some other place. It is a city that immediately made you feel that there were things happening and changing there daily. The school that I was assigned to teach at was a school for the kids who were not exactly the best students and as such they were a interesting group. The best part of the job was that it only had about 7 hours a week of actual work which gave me tons of time to just wander around the city.

After the year of teaching there was the question of what to do. It was 2002 and the United States economy was not in good shape. As I spoke to my form college classmates and heard about how it was not that good of a situation for finding jobs in the states I considered how I liked it there living in China and thought maybe I should just stay a little longer. In the end the night before my flight back to the United States I took a look at the fun times that I had had living in Shenzhen and decided with the aid of copious amounts of Alcohol that I was going to in fact just stay out for the rest of the night and have fun and forget the ticket back to the United States.

Looking back it was one of the best decisions I have made. It only takes a few seconds to make a decision that changes you life. This was one of those pivotal moments and I was glad to have made the decision to stay in China for longer.

What happened after the year of teaching is another story, best found in my post from Teacher to Importer in 30 seconds.