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On growing older and Seeing other sides of your parents.

Being in a different country brings out a different side of people. I noticed this while on a trip to the country of Antigua with my father. It’s his homeland. While normally my father is a rather uptight person who is quiet and rarely makes or participates in off-color jokes. I noticed something different on this trip. He made jokes that I noticed that he would not normally make. Maybe its cause I am older and he feels comfortable to talk like that around me or maybe it is that he is old and that that the has less of a filter when it comes to saying his thinking. Some of the things that I observed were most humorous. When he was talking about me going out he was laughing and suggesting I find me some fun time girl while we were there. That is not the kind of joke that he would normally make. The most telling time of how the environment makes a person change is that he hopped in a car with a relative of mine who had just been smoking some weed. The car still smelled strongly of the marijuana and then we went driving back to the house. This is definitely out of character for such a straight-laced person who does not touch alcohol except for a half a glass or so of wine at a wedding once in a while. To see this other side of your parents and to realize that they have many of the same humorous thoughts that young people have is an interesting thing to observe.

It makes one wonder what different choices that the older people would make if they were to live their lives over again. What would they change and what would they repeat.

As I look at the rest of my life, I figure that I have at least as many years as I have been on this earth already. As my father is 83 now, I hopefully will have another 45 years on this planet at least. What will the next 45 years bring? One of the things that I keep in my is that at my age I have already done many of the things that my father was just starting on by the time that he was my age. I have already started and run several businesses, while he was just starting his first one when he was the age that I am now. I have already started and finished my first marriage at the time that he had not even married or had kids at the first time. The amount of change that can come in one’s life even when getting older it is hard to say what the next 40 years will bring to my life. Will there be a family? A wife? Children ? What is the next career choice and what will I make happen. When will the next million dollar idea come into being.

As I look at the way that my father has mellowed out and enjoyed his time while he was in his home country will I end up the same way being 83 years old and chilling out relaxing and finding it interesting to revisit some of the places that I wandered around in my youth? Will I walk with my future children around the places that I grew up and make jokes and laugh about the things that I have experienced in life?

As part of practicing gratitude, I have to say that I am grateful that I have a father who is healthy and able to go out with me to enjoy some of what the world has to offer. Even at this stage in life we can go out and chill and enjoy the world. I hope to go with him to many other places one this earth