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My personal tower of Babel – Learning Languages

One of the things that i would like to do to improve myself daily would be to increase the number of languages that I can speak. The main reason is that it opens new doors to new countries and opportunities both in business and in relationships.

So far I have two and a half languages under my belt. English being the my mother tongue and then mandarin Chinese being the second language. Seems to be that improving Spanish is the most useful of the languages to pick up. So far I speak a bastardized version of Spanish better known as Spanglish.

Options to increase my abilities when it comes to Spanish language include the following options

1. Duolingo -Language learning
2. Making more Spanish speaking friends
3. Watching Spanish language television shows
4. Going to travel through South America for 6 months or a year.
The first option which is Duolingo I have been working on that already, I have been working on it as well but at this point have only reached up to the point of 30%. Along the ideas of the gaining 1% each day. Doing a few lessons on Duolingo is a way to improve myself a little bit each day.

Option two for learning Spanish the best way wold probably be to travel to a South American country or maybe take a road trip around South America. Backpacking around for six months or a year or so.

Option three and which is probably the most effective way to learn is to start dating a Spanish speaking girl who does not speak any english. After all they say that the best way to learn a language is on the pillow.

So a year from now you should be hearing me speaking fluent Spanish whether it is the result of learning via my phone, wandering around South America or learned on the pillow.