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My crazy students in China

Hello teacher, how are you. Do you like to drink..let us go to the bar. This was one of the first questions that I got when I arrived at my job teaching English. Hmm what was I supposed to answer? Of course,I liked drinking and well maybe this was the way that the students welcomed their new teachers in China. I didn’t know was not any  rulebook on how to teach students who were only 2 years younger than myself at the time. So off I went with my students to the bar. Later I found out why my students were so cool, apparently this was the school for the kids who were smart enough but lazy in general and did not get good enough grades or as one of my coworkers put it. Dont worry about them, these students are not going to have higher education.

Regardless of the fact I grew to enjoy the time that I spent with my students in class, their English while for the most part quite basic was very creative. They would find creative ways to say some of the nastiest  things and in many cases try to confuse me into saying things that were totally inappropriate in Chinese. Such as telling me that one student’s name was the Chinese translation of “pervert” for nearly 5 months I kept calling him by some crazy fake name that they had made up for him.

These were my first clues that my days in China would be filled with adventure, these were not the students that we had been told about in America with the students constantly studying and focused on their futures. These kids were just like American students. More concerned with the latest fashion and what they were going to be doing that weekend. I quickly learned that certain questions should not be asked in class lest I receive an embarrassing reply. In one case I asked a student whose English was not that bad.

Me : “What do you do every day after school?”
Student Jacky: “Teacher every day I fuck her.” pointing
Student Rabbit: Head nodding yes with a large smile on her face.
Me: “ On to the next questions “

They were some of the coolest and nicest kids, I often wonder what they are up to in their lives now. Most of them I suspect are married with kids and careers. There are two or three of them who I stuff have contact with online with facebook.

Being an English teacher in China was certainly an experience which was fun and interesting. There were so many things to learn from the experience and I would highly recommend it to others. In my opinion, it is something that you do for a year or two and then go on to other things in your life. You never know the people that you are going to meet and the experiences that you will find that you never expected.

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