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Just 1% Better Daily

365 Days to a new me, after reading a interesting article where the author advocated that each person should try their best to improve by just 1 % each day at the end of the year the changes and results would be astounding. I thought to myself why not give it a try. This blog and the articles are a exploration of what is possible in the world when we put out minds to it.

Who am I, I am a normal guy in my late thirties who has already gone and experienced many things in life, now its time to optimize my time and the things that I do and how I do them. No longer am I content to just follow the standard path that “society” has set our for us. No picket fence and 3.5 goats in the yard for me. At least not now, check back in 5 years.

These days I am interested in creating a life that I don’t need to have a vacation from. A lifestyle where there is no need to want to to run away to find some peace and quiet. I’ve already done the stressed out and running the hamster wheel life. Now its time to learn from all of the digital nomads, business people and thought leaders to optimize a life thats just one percent better each day than the day before it.

This blog is a part of that change, you can follow along and see if its really true that you can get 300% better in a year.