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Inside the mind of ADHD

Sometimes I think that there is something wrong a little bit in my brain, but it is a good thing. I don’t really mind what is wrong in my head for the most part. I find that I am most likely very ADHD. It is hard to find myself focusing on the important tasks at hand however when I find one that interests me hours and hours can wither away working at and perfecting a particular task. Sometimes that is organizing my photographs and other times its just working on a website or researching something that has caught my attention.

While this skill allows a person to absorb huge amounts of random information and be able to come up with a range of answers to pretty much any problem. I have noticed a few distinct drawbacks to this, one of those drawbacks is the lack of attention to detail and to finishing off projects. Its just never been my strong suit.

With this in mind, I have been considering going and getting a prescription for one of the ADHD drugs and see how it might be able to help me to be a more productive person when it comes to business and life.

Overall I am not that I am unhappy with the way I am.  However this way does not always work that well when it comes to dealing with other people who might not appreciate the jumping mind and the random thoughts about a variety of different subjects. I am sure for others they find it to be pretty much impossible to follow what I am thinking about and what I am doing.

According to some friends there are great things that get accomplished while using Adderall and other prescription drugs for the treatment of ADHD.

What are your thoughts readers, should I go and get a prescription to one of the ADHD medicines that are available.