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From English Teacher to Fashion Exporter in 30 seconds

Thirty seconds can change your life. While working as a English teacher with the plan of returning the next year to the United States to go to Law school. I had a 30-second encounter that changed the course of my life.

While crossing the border into China I saw another American standing in line. At that time in China, there were not so many foreign people around so as normal you always do the polite whats up. As one of the few foreigners out of literally billion  people in China. He had a confused look on his face and I asked him is there something you are trying to figure out. He replied yes I am trying to get a visa to enter China. So I said oh ok I’ll show you where to go and get the Visa. On the way to the place for the visa on arrival office, I started to ask him why he was coming to China. From there I heard a curious concept.


So we got into conversation, and I was curious what the heck stuff do people from America from want from China it had never really occurred to me that there was anything that I could sell from China to the United States that people would want. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that there was an explosion in the amount of trade that was coming from China to the United States. It still did not sink in with me and I sorta disregarded it. Until the next day when he called me up on the phone and said that himself and a group of other Americans who were there to buy things in China and ship them back to the United States were going to Guangzhou and that I should come and see what it was that they were doing. Well for the first time in my life I called in sick from work. Off I went with them to see what they were talking about and boy oh boy did I start to learn. By the end of the trip, I had met quite a few people who were commonly going to China but really hated to make the trip. They asked me if I could handle their shipping and purchasing needs in China. I said sure why not. The offer they had for me was equal to about half of my monthly salary at the time for basically a day or two’s work . So I went for it. I figured why not see what I could do with it. It was not much longer after trying this out that I quit my job and become and guy in charge of arranging the shipments of fashion clothing and other items to the United States. The clientele was mostly for the urban market and thus I began to realize just how much opportunity there was in the wholesaling of products from China to the United States. Thus a 30-second conversation changed my direction from planning on going to law school to becoming interested in International trading and shipping.

Life changes quick and you never know when 30 seconds of your life is going to Change the direction of it forever.

Me and that guy are still friends to this day 15 years later, in fact he is one of the people who has encouraged me to write this blog about the weird and varied experiences that I have had thus far and the ones that I plan on having.

November 3, 2016