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Couchsurfing can change your life

Couch-surfing changed my life. How did I come to hear about this incredible life changing thing? It was from a customer who came to my office one day and then we just started talking and he told me that I should check it out cause I was a friendly person.

We to be honest at that time I was very much a hermit, the idea of going and Courch-surfing and hanging out with a bunch of strangers and much less having them come and stay at my house was a completely alien concept. Shoot I barely had invited 5 people to my house over a period of only a few years. The concept of inviting complete strangers to come and share my living quarters sounded completely insane to be. But i smiled when the guy told me about it and said I would think about it. Soon after on a boring Friday night as I was being my normal hermit self. I signed up for it and then forgot about it for the most part. Of course there were frequent requests that came to my email every few days but I basically just threw them away one after another. Just replying no no no…

The day that my concept of people and life changed was when one person sent a message to me saying that they just wanted to hang out and it was like two months later. Well as I am quite the procrastinator and like to put things off I figured what the heck its two months away. I’ll just say yes.

Well fast forward the two months later on a slightly rainy Friday night as I prepared for a evening of relaxing at home and watching television and browsing the internet. I got a phone call and it was the couch surfer. I had completely forgotten and to be honest I did not feel like going out with anyone right then. But a promise is a promise and off I went to meet up. Honestly I had barely had a look at who I was going to meet. We found each other in the rain and I was surprised to see that she was a friendly and attractive girl.

We got along great, I found myself going to places that I had never gone to before such as a techno music party and to a far away beach which on my own I had never bothered to go to. It was amazing I realized that i was living in one of the greatest cities on earth but i was not enjoying it at all due to just being stuck in my world of doing the same thing over and over again.

I have to thank my new friend from Couch surfing. She was truly the person who made me realize that I deserve to be happy. That life does not have to revolve around arguments and discord. I had lived with that so much that I had almost forgotten what it was like to just go out with someone who was fun and easygoing. I felt like I had found the lost part of myself who had been buried and could not be found again.

With that began the great couch surfing experiments, in a two year period I hosted roughly one hundred people from all parts of the world ranging from Germany to Pakistan. All but one or two of them were super cool and became friends with. The world is a interesting place. When you spend time with people from all over the world you quickly realize that we are all the same that there are very few differences between us. Everyone has the same basic needs and wants and things that make them happy.

One of the greatest parts of this couch surfing experiment was learning to trust other people. Most people in the world are good. This is proven by having around a hundred people come and stay and sleep and come and go from your house. Many of them having the key to just come in when they were ready to. Its a crazy thing when its told to you that you are giving your possessions to a complete stranger.

Possessions are just things and what is the point of all of them. We don’t need three thousand feet to relax and sleep and honestly life is just better when its shared with others.

I went from a person who was basically a hermit to being very very open minded when it came to sharing my home and life with others.  Overall I think that it was a change for the best.

In short I recommend everyone signing up and experiencing learning to live with others and letting the world come to your doorstep.