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Capturing My Life in Photos

Why sit and take photos, what is the point in this era of everyone with a cell phone taking selfies everyday?

Taking photos for me is like capturing moments in time. The people the things and the excitement of the moment. These are the exciting moments of our lives that we will rarely if ever get back. As I look back at pictures from 10 and 15 and 20 years ago I have a sense of nostalgia and wonder at the adventures that I already experienced and the thought that there are so many more to come in the future. The obsession with taking photos started with one friend of mine in college and we went out with her camera and just took pictures out in this area near the water off campus. I loved the pictures and then started enjoying to take pictures more and more. Going to China was when the desire to take a picture of the whole world really appeared. As a byproduct of having the worlds easiest job. I had plenty of time to walk around the city. A friend of mine who had a great camera and never used it let me borrow it. Great friend to lend me a two thousand dollar camera. So for the next few months I would walk around and rollerskate around China taking pictures of anything and everything that caught my eye. Luckily I never broke the camera during my many falls skating. The camera was worth more to me than a broken arm. Protect the camera at all costs.

As a result of having way too much free time on my hands and the desire to just explore a new environment. I think that I have what is probably one of the best collections of photos of modern day china between 2001 and 2016. Tens of thousands of images taken. Everything from a person crying in the streets to a picture of someone drinking in the club. I try to take pictures that embrace everything that happens in the real life.

Its not easy to capture life as it really is but the secret that I use to capture these kinds of images and such is to have a really big zoom lens and most of the pictures are taken when people are no really paying attention to what is happening around then. While I really hate having my own photo taken without my permission, I really like to take the pictures of the people in the streets of Asia. Thats pretty hypocritical of me. Well life is like that we all do things that are a bit hypocritical.

After storing and keeping so many pictures for years with no real use for them, it dawned on me that these images could form the basis of a interesting Instagram collection. Thus I started putting them on Instagram and have built up a little following, in the future my non China centric pictures will start to form a new collection of inspirational images for this website.

Currently I am using a Cannon T3i, not the greatest camera but its good enough for my current needs. If someone wants to send me a top of the line Cannon or Nikon camera however I would be more than willing to test it out. wink wink, at Cannon and Nikon

With time and effort I hope to increase my skills with a camera and get to the point where people might actually pay me to take photographs of the daily life in the most exciting cities in the world.